About Us

Located in Los Angeles, Fresh & Glow was founded by Jiyoon and Hydria, longtime friends who share a passion for Korean beauty products and a belief that good skin can come at an affordable price.
Raised in Korea, Jiyoon was inspired as a child by her mother’s skincare routine and learned early the wonders of cosmetics. After moving to the U.S., Jiyoon was exposed to a new range of products, but returned to the quality of the K-Beauty brands she knew and trusted.
Hydria, on the other hand, was a tomboy who thought little about skincare until she was a college student, living in the U.S. She found herself relying on the recommendation of salespeople, only to end up throwing expensive items away. When Hydria met Jiyoon, she discovered what had been available all along in her birth country and made the switch to K-Beauty.
The two friends saw how the K-Beauty movement could be overwhelming to newcomers and dreamed of making it more accessible to everyone by paring it down to the essentials.
Fresh & Glow was born — a boutique shopping experience of trustworthy labels at competitive prices. 
Using their own knowledge of products, as well as their expertise on navigating the Korean beauty industry, they handpick each item for a collection that is both innovative and tried-and-true. 
And everything comes with a genuine product guarantee: no counterfeits or uncertain shelf life.
That means customers need only focus on how to ‘keep it Fresh and get that Glow.’
Welcome to Fresh & Glow.